living with autism

Hi i am Stefi and i wanted to share with you how it feels like to live with autism the stuff i am writing about is pretty personal so i chose to write it in english instead of german - so please excuse any misspelling or gramma issues since its not my mother-language also i am talking about MY experiences and how I see things so please don't be offended if i display autism differently than your point of view enjoy ;)

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Be aware of autism !

There are many aspects of being a human being but even more if you are autistic

Love and Autism

I think it’s human nature to want to find love in your life to connect to someone and to be able to share things with each other ... for me as an asperger autist love seemed to be so complex and diffi...

Aspie Girl

How being an Aspie-Girl is different from being Asperger

Asperger brain

what autism feels like is hard to explain as specially since my brain always worked that way

Asperger and special Interest

So in my previous post I already talked about how the brain works different but special interests (SI) are also a big part of being autistic

Aspects of Asperger

Depression, meltdown, shutdown and other side effects

masking autism

In my first post I mentioned „masking“ as being a big part of being autistic, but I am pretty sure most people won’t get what that is, means or looks like

autistic world

Trying to explain how I see and experience the world feels like describing a color - you may think we see the same color blue of the sky but it might still looks different to me than to you !

the language of autism

I’ve been using the description that this world feels like an alien planet or me being one living on earth

autistic life

I had a lot of struggle in my life with being an undiagnosed asperger autist


It has been a while since I wrote my last post about living with autism.

Autistic drawer

Who of you read through my other posts like “autistic language” and “masking” already got an idea why socializing is complicated and exhausting for autistic

Let´s talk about sex

I talked about living with autism in different aspects in life but if you are interested in how being autistic affects sex - here are some of my experiences