Asperger and special interests

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  • 17.01.2020
  • living with autism

So in my previous post I already talked about how the brain works different but special interests (SI) are also a big part of being autistic 

I always considered myself being smart and creative but when I found out about autism I also figured out that my obsession with music, art, language, biology/ animals, acting, acrobatics and so on is just an other really interesting trait of being on the spectrum

It’s never just a hobby if you have Asperger ;)

That’s because if i do something I get obsessed with it - all my focus and time is devoted to this SI but sadly I never get to the point of perfection I will get sidetracked or obsessed with something else before I come even close 

I once found an animal-mandala book and  a few gel pens in my grocery store I got obsessed with it instantly I bought 300 different gel pens online drew exactly 4 pictures (each taking many hours to complete)and then I was “over it” and never touched it again 

Other SI take place for serval months like acting but I just switched my focus to different aspects of it (like from Meisner to lucid body to camera acting to monologues and so on) 

Drawing and playing guitar are the SI which I only do in phases like I would start drawing portraits of the people I start dating / fell in love with and you can see that they get better each time when I grasped enough detail of how I see the person and I would start writing songs whenever I am heartbroken after the break up 

I always read the same 4 books every year (in spring) but not reading any new ones in between I was obsess with books as a child because language always fascinated me but I have to be triggered by another SI to get me to pick one up now 

My earliest SI was animals I would collect feathers from birds in the forest and categorize them or watch bugs and ants all day long I always was good in biology in school as well and got obsessed with genetics 

If I wasn’t interested in the subject there was no way i would learn anything not even with having a photographic memory it just never got through if it wasn’t something I wanted to know 

So even I am naturally good at learning new languages I didn’t keep one word of my 4 years of French because I simply wasn’t into it 

I wished I would have one SI that sticks out but basically I can do a lot of different things on the same entry level 

My newest / current SI would be aerial hoop and I am sticking with it (on /off) for over two years now I even just bought my very own hoop for my living room I still love it a lot and there are still new aspects of it that keeps me trying to still get better at it and ready for the aerial shows i am part of :)

I got really triggered / obsessed by learning the piano last year but again this SI didn't quite stick (yet)

But its very hard to not get distracted or sidetracked if your mind is working faster then you can follow and there is always a new flashy train to take a ride in and to get obsessed with something else

(Like writing about living-with autism ;)